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Build and deploy


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Before you can deploy your SvelteKit app, you need to adapt it for your deployment target. Adapters are small plugins that take the built app as input and generate output for deployment.

Official adapters exist for a variety of platforms — these are documented on the following pages:

Additional community-provided adapters exist for other platforms.

Using adapters

Your adapter is specified in svelte.config.js:

import adapter from 'svelte-adapter-foo';
/** @type {import('@sveltejs/kit').Config} */
const config = {
kit: {
adapter: adapter({
// adapter options go here
export default config;

Platform-specific context

Some adapters may have access to additional information about the request. For example, Cloudflare Workers can access an env object containing KV namespaces etc. This can be passed to the RequestEvent used in hooks and server routes as the platform property — consult each adapter's documentation to learn more.