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Command Line Interface

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SvelteKit includes a command line interface for building and running your app.

In the default project template svelte-kit dev, svelte-kit build and svelte-kit preview are aliased as npm run dev, npm run build and npm run preview respectively. You can also invoke the CLI with npx:

npx svelte-kit dev

svelte-kit devpermalink

Starts a development server. It accepts the following options:

  • -p/--port — which port to start the server on
  • -o/--open — open a browser tab once the server starts
  • --host — expose the server to the network.
  • --https — launch an HTTPS server using a self-signed certificate. Useful for testing HTTPS-only features on an external device

This command will fail if the specified (or default) port is unavailable. To use an alternative port instead of failing, set the config.kit.vite.server.strictPort option to false.

svelte-kit buildpermalink

Builds a production version of your app, and runs your adapter if you have one specified in your config. It accepts the following option:

  • --verbose — log more detail

After building the app, you can reference the documentation of your chosen adapter and hosting platform for specific instructions on how to serve your app.

svelte-kit previewpermalink

After you've built your app with svelte-kit build, you can start the production version (irrespective of any adapter that has been applied) locally with svelte-kit preview. This is intended for testing the production build locally, not for serving your app, for which you should always use an adapter.

Like svelte-kit dev, it accepts the following options:

  • -p/--port
  • -o/--open
  • --host
  • --https

svelte-kit packagepermalink

svelte-kit package is currently experimental and is not subject to Semantic Versioning rules. Non-backward compatible changes may occur in any future release.

For package authors, see packaging. svelte-kit package accepts the following options:

  • -w/--watch — watch files in src/lib for changes and rebuild the package
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