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web development, streamlined
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Powered by Svelte and Vite, speed is baked into every crevice: fast setup, fast dev, fast builds, fast page loads, fast navigation. Did we mention it's fast?


No more wasted days figuring out bundler configuration, routing, SSR, CSP, TypeScript, deployment settings and all the other boring stuff. Code with joy.


SPA? MPA? SSR? SSG? Check. SvelteKit gives you the tools to succeed whatever it is you're building. And it runs wherever JavaScript does.

see for yourself

Try it locally, on StackBlitz, or with the interactive tutorial.
npm create svelte@latest my-app
cd my-app
npm install
npm run dev -- --open

/ˈsvɛlt/ adjective attractively thin, graceful and stylish

SvelteKit is built on Svelte, a UI framework that uses a compiler to let you write breathtakingly concise components that do minimal work in the browser, using languages you already know — HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It's a love letter to web development.

But don't take our word for it. Developers consistently rank Svelte as the framework they're most excited about using.

features? we got 'em.

Mix and match prerendered pages for maximum performance with dynamic server-side rendering for maximum flexibility. Turn your app into a client-rendered PWA with a single line of code, for the whole thing or just one page. Use accessible client-side routing with automatic preloading for slick, instantaneous navigation that doesn't reload your entire page (and your analytics, and all that other junk). Protect your users with automatic CSRF protection and easy-to-use Content Security Policy configuration. Keep your secrets to yourself with advanced environment variable handling. Handle errors gracefully and securely. Load data directly from your database and connect your back end to your front end with type-safe data loading and built-in form actions that work with or without JavaScript. Co-exist with other client-side routing frameworks on the same page. Add service workers for offline support. Generate AMP-compliant pages if you really have to. Build complex UIs with unusually powerful filesystem-based routes. Nested layouts? Duh. Learn web standards that work across environments. Integrate with Tailwind and Playwright and Vitest and Storybook and, well, whatever you want. Build libraries as well as apps. Deploy anywhere with adapters.

SvelteKit is the framework that grows with you, whatever you end up building.

deploy anywhere

Export static HTML files. Run your own Node server. Deploy code to the edge of the world. If a platform runs JavaScript, it runs SvelteKit — in some cases with zero configuration.

Want to try deploying somewhere else? Swap out your adapter with a single line of code.