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Additional resources

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Please see the SvelteKit FAQ for solutions to common issues and helpful tips and tricks.

The Svelte FAQ and vite-plugin-svelte FAQ may also be helpful for questions deriving from those libraries.


We've written and published a few different SvelteKit sites as examples:

SvelteKit users have also published plenty of examples on GitHub, under the #sveltekit and #sveltekit-template topics, as well as on the Svelte Society site. Note that these have not been vetted by the maintainers and may not be up to date.


You can ask for help on Discord and StackOverflow. Please first search for information related to your issue in the FAQ, Google or another search engine, issue tracker, and Discord chat history in order to be respectful of others' time. There are many more people asking questions than answering them, so this will help in allowing the community to grow in a scalable fashion.