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Asset handling

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Caching and inlining

Vite will automatically process imported assets for improved performance. Hashes will be added to the filenames so that they can be cached and assets smaller than assetsInlineLimit will be inlined.

	import logo from '$lib/assets/logo.png';

<img alt="The project logo" src={logo} />

If you prefer to reference assets directly in the markup, you can use a preprocessor such as svelte-preprocess-import-assets.

For assets included via the CSS url() function, you may find vitePreprocess useful.


You may wish to transform your images to output compressed image formats such as .webp or .avif, responsive images with different sizes for different devices, or images with the EXIF data stripped for privacy. For images that are included statically, you may use a Vite plugin such as vite-imagetools. You may also consider a CDN, which can serve the appropriate transformed image based on the Accept HTTP header and query string parameters.